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White Collar 20in20

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White Collar 20in20


#1 You may choose ONE character/pairing/episode/actor from White Collar.
#2 Each character/pairing/episode/actor can only be used THREE times each round.
#3 Always linked to public posts. These posts must also remain open for the duration of the round.
#4 Icons must fit the lj standard (under 40KB, 100x100px)
#5 ALL effects are allowed (blending, texture, text..whatever you like) except animations
#6 All icons must be new for the round, no previous work will be accepted.
#7 Link to your icon post with three or four previews.
#8 DON'T TAG YOUR ENTRIES, we'll do it.
#9 If you need to contact a mod privately you can do so here

The 20 icons will be divided into 3 types :
1. 10 themes that will change with each round.
2. 5 icons of a single category, a theme that will also change with each round.
3. 5 artist's choice icons, so completely free and up to you, related to your claim.


START OF SIGN UPS: 21st of the month
END OF SIGN UPS: 30th/31st of the month
START OF CHALLENGE: 1st of the month
END OF CHALLENGE: 20th of the month
START OF VOTING: 21st of the month
END OF VOTING: 25th of the month